Our Strength


We study the Art of Isshin-ryu Karate which was created by Master Tatsuo Shimabuku of Okinawa.  Our form of Isshin-ryu Karate is also called American Isshin-ryuKarate due to the changes and modifications that have been introduced over the years.  In this program you will develop many skills, such as:

  •  Techniques and applications in blocking, punching, striking, kicking and stance,
  •  Mechanics and principles behind proper technique, balance, power and movement,
  •  Various Isshin-ryu katas (formal exercises) that teach self-defense in movement.  Some of  the katas   utilize weapons  such as the  bo, nuchukus, sia, tonfa and sword.
  •  Sparring with other students in controlled matches,
  •  And last, various applications and principles in self-defense, pain compliance, and joint lock techniques.

The study of any martial art is a progression and personal journey.  Mastery of the techniques comes through practice, practice, practice and time, time, time!  However, the journey is not merely a technical one.  As you progress in your journey, you will discover many things about the art and yourself that fascinate, stimulate and motivate you to personal growth and excellence.  Many students discover and focus abilities that they never knew they had, build self-esteem and confidence, learn self-discipline, respect and goal setting.  The relationships and friendships that you forge with like-minded students while in the art will be some of the relationships and friendships that are with you for life.  We welcome you to enjoy our school!

Isshinryu Karate

Isshinryu Karate

Our Vision

 Our vision is to empower the students that study with us.  Our goal is to develop and impart a practical and comprehensive system of exercise and knowledge of self-defense.  However, the martial arts is not just about technique.  It's also about building the individual; their confidence, character, and leadership.  Our vision is to empower our students to pursue excellence in the martial arts and in their personal lives. 

Karate tournament

Karate tournament

Master James Thaxton
4th Dan Isshinryu Karate

James Thaxton

Godan  (5th Degree Black-Belt) - Master Thaxton is the founder and head instructor of Thaxton Martial Arts. His formal training are in the areas of Isshinryu  Karate, Kickboxing  and  Kyusho Jitsu (pressure-point application).   Sensei Thaxton  first  began  his training in  Isshinryu  Karate under the instruction of  the late Grand Master Ernie Temple.   After obtaining advanced rank, he went on to work several years as an assistant instructor in  Master  Temple's  program.   During this time Sensei Thaxton also began training in Kickboxing also obtaining advanced  rank.  Eventually, Sensei  Thaxton  went  on  to  teach  Karate  and  self-defense  for  the Piscataway Board of Education Adult Education program where he started several adult and children programs in Karate and self-defense.  Sensei Thaxton also studied Kyusho Jitsu under the instruction of Grand Master Mark Kline, applying  pressure-point  application  to  the  Isshinryu  system  of  katas.  Master Kline promoted Sensei Thaxton to 4th dan.  Sensei Thaxton was promoted to 5th dan by Hanshi Don Vitale, Hanshi Don Nash, Hanshi Ralph Passero and Hanshi Mark Kline. Master Thaxton continues to enthusiastically work with students teaching the art of Karate and self-defense.

Ruth Hosford

Yondan  (4th Degree Black-Belt) - Master Hosford is the co-founder and a senior instructor of Thaxton Martial Arts.  Her formal training is in the area of Isshinryu  Karate.  Master Hosford  first  began her  training in  Isshinryu  Karate  under the instruction of  the late Grand  Master  Ernie Temple.   She  went  on  to  join  Sensei Thaxton  at  his  Piscataway  Board  of  Education  Adult  Education  Karate and self-defense programs in 2009.  Master  Hosford  brings  a  very  unique  and  insightful  perspective  to  self-defense  application,  and  is  an enthusiastic and committed  martial  arts  instructor.

Kamini Patel

Nidan (2nd Degree Black-Belt) - Sensei Patel commenced her Isshinryu training under Master Thaxton in 2009. She exemplifies the character, accountability, faithfulness, perseverance, and discipline that we look for in a student and particularly a black-belt.  She is an amazing role model for the dojo.  We are so proud to have Sensei Patel as part of our dojo.

James Vernon Gibbions Jr., M.D.

Shodan (1st Degree Black-Belt) - Sensei Gibbeons is a deacon at the Cathedral International Second Baptist Church of Perth Amboy, NJ, an attending physician at the Family Medicine at Atlantic Health System - The Medical Institute of New Jersey, Cedar Knolls, husband and father of two.  He commenced his Isshinryu training under Master Thaxton in 2010.  He also holds Shodan rank in Shotokan.  Dr. Gibbeons exemplifies the character, accountability, perseverance, and discipline that we look for in a student and martial arts. He is an exemplary role model.  We are proud to have Sensei Gibbeons as part of our dojo.

Kush Patel

Shodan  (1st Degree Black-Belt) -  Sensei Kush is a black-belt who commenced his Isshinryu training together with his mother, Sensei Kamini Patel, at Thaxton Martial Arts in 2009.  He is an honor student, fierce tournament competitor, and most importantly a hard working, faithful, and kind-hearted young man.  He is an outstanding role model for her peers.  We are so proud to have Sensei Kush as part of our dojo.

Paul Arroyo

Ik Kyu  (1st Brown Degree Brown-Belt)  - Master Arroyo has formal training in the area of Goju-ryu where he holds Yondan rank.   He also brings formal training in the arts of Boxing/Kick boxing, Tae kwon do, Kenpo, Ju-jitsu, Southern Kung Fu, and Arnis.  Master Arroyo commenced training in Isshinryu under Master Thaxton in the Piscataway area Thaxton Martial Arts dojo in 2014, and currently has earned a 1st degree brown belt in Isshinryu.  We are proud to have Master Arroyo as part of our dojo.